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There are seven large guest rooms in the Inn, all elegantly appointed with Victorian antiques. Each room has its own private bathroom, five have Jacuzzis, one an antique soaking tub, and one a shower. All rooms are equipped with telephone and dataport. They are all spectacular in their own right. All rooms have plush robes to spoil the guests.
1. The Baron's Suite
This handsome room is reminiscent of safari travels. Canopied QS mahogany rice poster bed, corner fireplace and private bath with marble Jacuzzi. (Regular $130/night - Premium* $160/night)

2. The Marquee's Frank's Room
The grandeur of a corner marble Jacuzzi with wonderful view from bedroom.Carved antique walnut bed with fireplace is decorated in warm hues of red. (Regular $130/night - Premium* $155/night)

3. Lady Roxanne's Room
This enchanting room with fireplace is cozy in soft shades of yellow and rose. Canopied QS Pine bed has view of private bath that features corner marble Jacuzzi and pedestal sink from 1900. (Regular $130/night - Premium* $150/night
4. The Baroness' Room
Texas' most opulent suite for the romantic, with clouds of white lace and flowers. This canopied bed, looking out over your marbled Jacuzzi, surrounded by beveled mirrors and Corinthian marble columns, is truly one of Texas' most opulent. Add to that a touch of candlelight and some wine/champagne - appeals to the romantic in all. (Regular $130/night - Premium* $155/night)
5. Duke Marion's Room
Perfect for relaxation, decorated around a mahogany poster bed with shades of gold and rose. The private bathroom has an original 1909 porcelain clawfoot tub with hand held shower. Artwork on tub by local artist Sharon "Nana". (Regular $115/night - Premium* $135/night)
6. Lady in Waiting Room
Soft greens with creme and rose make this room light and airy. QS iron bed with oak armoire and private bath. Your own marble Jacuzzi tub with Corinthian columns is the finishing touch. (Regular $125/night - Premium* $150/night)
7. My Lady's Room
This unique room with private bath and shower is for snuggling. Decorated in soft hues of cremes and raspberry, with antique bed and private bath with shower, it is truly a retreat.(Regular $100/night - Premium* $125/night)
  * Premium refers to a weekend or holiday

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