Evelyn Williams is an enigma, a cross between a modern liberated professional woman and a refined southern belle of yesteryear. Evelyn might well be dubbed Scarlet O'Hara for the new millennium, whose desire to achieve great ends lends purpose and direction to her life. As a successful Dallas based real estate broker, Evelyn fell victim to the historic charms of the many homes and buildings that were her stock in trade. In particular, she became entranced with an aged weathered building situated in the sleepy town of Milford, Texas. The antebellum home served intermittently since the mid-1800s as a dormitory for students attending the Texas Presbyterian Women's College, Milford's Hotel and boarding house.

Evelyn with one of her Brides

In that era, Milford flourished as a cotton-producing hub and was for a time considered as a site for the state's capitol. Changing times and the demise of the cotton industry changed Milford into the sleepy Texas town it is today. Milford doesn't boast of great attractions or exciting local events. Instead, it offers visitors a view of rural Texas, a farming community with a myriad of residential homes, old churches and a local school for grades K through 12 that boasts a 6 member football team and is snuggled a short distance to the largest outlet mall in Texas and all kinds of antiques and arts and craft shops.

Evelyn's fascination with the inn peazked when she explored the dilapidated building and envisioned it returned to its original splendor. She sought to develop it into a uniquely different kind of Bed and Breakfast facility. Evelyn saw it as an oasis where vacationers and travelers might escape busy work schedules to relax in a quiet peaceful homelike setting. Evelyn has made the B&B just that, establishing a remote country inn free from the touristy clamor that has grown along the I-35 corridor between San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Dubbing her venture The Baroness Inn , Evelyn has erected a home away from home that charms every visitor. But more fascinating than the restored inn, its antiques and ornate furnishings, is its owner and innkeeper, whose dedication to quieter times and warm hospitality is reflected in the Inn's ambiance. Here, Evelyn indulges her second great fascination, that of playing a charming hostess who enjoys not only greeting her guests, but, in knowing them as well. It's hard not to envision Evelyn Williams as a hostess from another era, a time when friends are gathered at the table to talk and visit the night away, just sitting on the veranda or taking a moonlit stroll was entertainment enough for all.

That's the mystery of Evelyn Williams, a modern independent businesswoman who retains a deep commitment to Texas rural history, traditions and family lifestyles -- a lady who perseveres simultaneously in the busy times of the new millennium and the quiet elegance of a century past.

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